19 Feb 2019

Toyota’s All-New Supra: A 20th Century Icon Receives an Of-This-Century Refresh

It’s been almost a generation since Toyota produced its last-generation Supra and 21 years since that Supra last appeared on U.S. showrooms. At this January’s North American Auto Show in Detroit, an all-new Supra was unveiled. The newest Supra will make its showroom debut – as a 2020 model – this summer.

Although enjoying a contemporary specification, the Supra DNA – and most specifically, the DNA from the 4th generation, which Toyota built from 1993 to 2002 – is intact. The 2020 Supra benefits from a turbocharged inline six positioned beneath a long hood, while the 2-passenger cockpit sits well back within the Supra’s short wheelbase. And that tight footprint is controlled by Adaptive Suspension and a standard Active Differential.

As you’d guess, there is far more going on here than simply specification. There is also Toyota’s aggressive attempt to credibly plug the yawning gap between Miatas and Toyota’s own 86 at the entry point of roadster/coupe performance, and those GTs – notably Nissan’s GT-R and the Lexus LC 500 – broaching six figures. The Supra, available in both standard and Premium trims, will start at just over $50K, feature a BMW-derived powertrain (a source of at least some online controversy), and will probably be cross-shopped against Porsche’s Cayman/Boxster, domestic Ponycars and – potentially – Jaguar’s F-Type.