20 Aug 2018

Luxury Garage Suites You Own!

Introducing Garages of America, a community of first-class, affordable, completely customizable garage suites.


Here, you don’t rent space. You buy it. And that means exactly what you think. When you buy a garage suite, you receive a deed, title insurance, and all the perks of commercial real estate ownership—your space builds equity and you have complete financial control.

Once you own a unit within the Garages of America, you can start customizing it. Each space is plumbed, heated, and wired for phone, cable and Internet. We’re giving you the freedom to create your own personal man cave, so go ahead, install lifts, build a loft, or deck out your walls with memorabilia and a huge TV. It’s your call, and with 24-hour access, you can come and go as you please.

It’s time to stop fighting a losing battle for space in your family garage. Pull your show cars out from under the Christmas lights, find a new address for your motorhome, let your wife park in the garage again, and stop spending an arm and a leg renting storage that comes with restrictions on how and when you work. Become an owner of your own luxury garage suite today.

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