13 Mar 2019

The DFW Auto Show: Trucks

There’s never been a Car of Texas. We’ve long had – courtesy of the Texas Auto Writers Association – a Truck of Texas, and this group has given an occasional shout-out to a deserving car, but never has it been described as the ‘Car of Texas’. And if you go back a few, you’ll remember Texas Monthly nominating Chevrolet’s Suburban as its National Car of Texas. The irony, of course, is that the Suburban is not a car, but a truck-based SUV. So, the state car of Texas isn’t a car, nor is it confined to a state; it’s ‘national’!

Although the State Fair of Texas carries the truck mantle in the fall, where truck manufacturers spend as much on exhibits as some cities spend on parks, the DFW Auto Show – beginning Wednesday, March 27th – will have on display more than its fair share. Brand new entries will include Chevy’s Silverado HD, Ford’s 2020 Super Duty, the all-new – and hugely hyped – Jeep Gladiator and Toyota’s Tacoma TRD Off Road. And if that’s not enough (how many do you need?), Ram brings its all-new HD, and Ford’s new midsize Ranger is finally hitting showrooms.

Beyond, of course, the new are the great incentives. And with Detroit’s Big Three battling for every percentage point of market share, the incentives have never been greater. While the DFW Auto Show isn’t a ‘selling’ show, you’ll find it easy to comparison shop. After the show, hit the showrooms. And shop ‘til you drop.