20 Mar 2023

AMAZING Porsche Garage Tour!

AMAZING Porsche Garage Tour!

Today we are going to tour a garage full of Porsches, Harleys, and so much cool stuff. You’re gonna see the rarest Porsche you’ve ever seen before. I’m Justin and I’m Aaron. And this is Husman Bros.

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Okay, so we’re here today with Glenn. Thank you for having us over to your garage. You’re welcome. Tell us a little more about yourself. My name is Glenn Burgess, retired, and I have a garage full of Porsches. I’m a Porsche guy, always have been, because I love cars that have the engine in the back and just Porsches in particular.

I also have 53 Chevy. I have Harleys and a few other things here that we’re going to show you today. So we’ll walk around, take a look at them, and I’ll tell you a little bit about them, and you guys get to see what we have.

All right, so the number one question I think everybody’s going to want to know, with all these great cars, which one is your favorite? You know, that question is always asked me, and I have to answer, which one is your favorite child?

And I have three kids, and they may see this video. So I have to tell you, we’ll walk around, we’ll take a look at them, and let the viewers decide which ones they like the best. Okay, that sounds good.

We’re going to start at the beginning here with this 1962, 356. This was built in the dealer turn factory. It’s one of 288 cars they built in that factory. Really, really a rare car. Beautifully restored.

Glenn doesn’t like hot rods, so this car is as it would have come from the factory. Just beautiful, and in my opinion, an incredible color for this car. You always see white ones, you always see silver ones, you always see red ones and blue, just not as common.

This isn’t the only deal turn one in the garage, though. We have this incredible white one as well. This is a 1961, and this is one of 472 that were built that year. Beautiful ivory color here, impeccably restored, just as the other one is.

And then we’ve got the red in the lineup just to keep it patriotic. Now, this is not as rare as the others. So this is your run of the mill knock around 356 that you can take out. It’s the coupe, of course, which gives it a little bit variation from the other ones.

And this is a German car. So this is actually the winter car. It’s got a fantastic German heater in it, so you always stay warm when you’re out in this one. A big part of all the garages and their individuality is how they’re decorated.

And Glenn’s is no different. I think you can tell that Glenn likes a certain type of car more than most, and so we see the decorations reflect it. As I said in the other video, it’s really hard to capture the sensory overload that happens in these garages.

But we’re going to soldier on and continue starting with the outlier here. So this is the outlier car in this garage. Another great color in green. This is a 1953 Chevy pickup truck. It’s been improved a little bit.

The interior is not entirely original, but it still has the original straight six motor in it. I’m not quite sure what it produces, but I’m guessing the top speed on this car is around 55 miles an hour.

As you see, Glenn likes to mess with people. He’s got his toll tag on there to pretend that he could actually get on the high speed Dallas tollway. But this car is just beautiful. And when you come into a garage and got all of the same thing, one thing is going to happen.

You’re either going to focus on that same thing or you’re going to gravitate to the oddball thing. And I’m sure Glenn has a lot of people that come in here and beeline right for this truck because it’s just beautiful and it’s so big compared to everything else we have going on here.

Check out the white walls. This is an incredible, incredible, classic truck. And I think Glenn’s done a fantastic job. I love Porsches just as much as Glenn. I sadly don’t own quite as many as he does, but I think the addition of this truck to his collection really, I love American iron as much as I love Porsches and I think this is a great, great truck to have in here.

If you’re into Porsches, follow me. It over here. We got a great area for entertainment. We got some tables over here and some chairs to sit in.

So it’s fantastic. You have some parties here. You have a whole lot of people in this space. It’s not going to feel cramped. You got really tall ceilings here and of course, impeccably decorated. Got a nice little shop area over here so you’re not having to trip over your tools.

You got your jack and everything. So this is just continually blending between shop area and living area. But as you can tell, it’s clean to the hospital in here. Over here, a couple more Porsches. But we’re back into the Porsche section of the garage.

This is the beater. This is the car that did Glenn and his wife take out. Get some ice cream at Wendy’s. It’s a great car because it’s a Porsche, it’s black, it’s a convertible. And convertibles are always a lot of fun.

Black on black with it. But over here we’ve got the much faster black car. Here we have a 2017 Turbo S. This one’s pushing 580 HP. We’ve got center lock wheels on here as opposed to the five lugs that we have on the convertible.

Obviously, we have a coupe right here that we’re talking about and no Turbo is complete unless you had the wing and so beautiful back end on this as we have for all of these Porsches. But I love the tan interior on the champagne wheels with the black.

It’s just really, really classy looking car, so really nice. 911 turbo west right here. So. We’ll talk about this in a second. But first I want to talk about Glenn’s wall here. Glenn well, all of us, really.

Anybody who has a lot of cars spends a lot of time cleaning them. I curse under my breath the entire time. I don’t know about Glenn because of all the stuff he has here to do it right. He’s got his water softener and his pressure washer here on the wall so that he can clean this incredible collection.

But he’s got all his other things here and these flat walls. I’ve seen these in a couple of other garages, and they’re a great way to get stuff up on the wall without having to have shelves. Just looks really clean.

And I love his choices here. And follow me. So there’s also this that I really like. This is Glenn’s security system. So when you break in to steal a car, you got to figure out which wheel goes with which car.

It’s a fun little game he plays because I know when he has a couple too many beers, he forgets which one goes with the car. Now let’s talk about this really special car here. This one is one of my favorites in the garage.

I’m a colors guy. I love colors, and I drive a white Porsche. But this gold one is amazing. This is a special, exclusive series car. This is one of 500 built. Now we’re in a big city, so this isn’t the first one I’ve seen.

We’ve actually got several of these here in Dallas. Glenn just picked this one up. Pure collector car. Probably one of the rarer ones in the garage. And just all the details in this car are amazing. We’re going to take a lot of close ups of this one because everything about it just keeps getting better and better.

The carbon fiber striping, the incredible contrasting stitching, the interior. This is a very special car. And and fast. It’s not about the looks with this one. This one is also a 600 plus horsepower car before you hit the turbo on it.

What an amazing thing to see in here. So all these are water cooled cars really fast. Really great cars, all modern, amazing. We started with the 356s, but now we’re going to go to the classic 911.

This is a 1990 and I’m going to pass this off to my brother. Yeah, I’m a 90s child and so the 911 I had hanging on my wall was this generation of 911. And this one is such a great example. If you’re looking for an engine to eat off of, like I hear people are, look how clean that is.

This is the engine that you want to eat off of. But here we have the 90 carrera, 2s and it is in a beautiful white color. It’s got the European bumpers on it, so it looks really clean on the back end.

This has a couple of modifications on it. We got a new steering wheel. We got some HID headlights on it so you can see better at night. And it also has one of the most amazing stereo systems that you can put in this car.

It’s absolutely fantastic. You want to know what it sounds like? We have no idea because it’s so complicated to work that Glenn has never actually used it. Here we have Nick. And as you’ve seen on these garage videos, it’s always important to have a little bit of company at the garage.

And so Nick is the company. He is the welcoming party. He’ll greet you. And he’s always here to hold Glenn’s driving gloves, so he didn’t give me blisters. Now Aaron’s a 90s child, but I am a 1973 child, so this one is my favorite.

This car is as old as I am and frankly, I think it’s held up a little bit better than I have. I think if you open my engine compartment, it would not be as nice as this one. This car is a great car. 911 E, 1973.

This one has won a couple of McQueen awards. Just an amazing color. The green interior and the gray go really well together. I don’t know what else to say about this car other than if I had a dream car, this would probably be my dream car.

It’s subtle. It’s understated, and it’s as old as I am, and and I think that’s cool. So I’m standing here and you can see all of it. And this is kind of the effect of walking in these garages. You just see this amazing lineup of incredible cars.

It’s just amazing. I mean, I I know that I’m using the same word over and over again. You’re not supposed to do that. But there’s really no other word for this other than amazing. Now let’s go upstairs and see what else Glenn has hiding away for us.

Hey, bro. Yeah? Come over here. You miss something? All right. What do we meant? Oh, I didn’t even notice that. Now, the rule number one of this is never touch this motorcycle. So we’re not going to touch it.

We’re just going to be kind of close to it. And I did touch that helmet. Here we have a 2005 Heritage soft tail in a beautiful white. It’s all appointed with all the chrome that you need. A little bit of gold accent, too, just to make it look sharp.

It’s got a 1450 CC engine and always love these. So where Justin and I started our careers, actually was doing a ton of business in the motorcycle industry. And Glenn has some of the coolest Harleys that I have ever seen.

So please come with us and let me show you what we got going up the stairs. You get a great view of the garage here, the tops of the cars you can see they’re all nice and. Clean, but it’s what’s up the stairs that really makes the trip worthwhile.

All right. It’s what’s up here that makes it worth the trip. So we’re going to start our motorcycle tour of upstairs with this 1923 Harley Davidson JD twin. This is in a rare Brewster green color only offered for two years by the Harley factory.

That’s right. The Brewster green was a substitute for the traditional olive green that you’ve seen on a lot of the classic Harleys. This one comes with 1000 CC engine on it, which was a big engine for the time.

But this is a pretty big bike and it’s in fantastic shape. Let’s look at this white one. And so over here, we got a 1929 Harley JD. This is a really, really cool bike. It’s in this. Off white, this cream color.

And it’s got the black wheels, it’s got the black exhaust, black dash, black lights. Really, really badass bike. But the color in these stripes matching the seat, it’s the only color on this whole bike.

It’s just really cool. I’d love to be able to ride this bike around. So just lots of love about this bike. It is probably one of my favorites up here. Just love it. And so what? Walk over here to some of the other bikes.

As we do, we get a really great view of the black 911s down there. The Porsche is fine. Just a really cool spot up here. And great finish out upstairs, too. And so, since Justin is old, I’m going to let him talk about the oldest thing here and not him.

Super cool of you. No, I’m not this old. This is a 1913 HarleyDavidson Model Nine B Twin. This was the first year the Vtwin was standardized. And this bike was supposed to have actually been worked on by William Davidson.

I’m going to touch it now. William Davidson and I have had a moment. So, fun fact, this motorcycle has a Kerosene powered headlight. So a thing that might happen when you’re riding a motorcycle is you might lean forward to try to get more speed to get the wind out of your face.

And when you do that over a Kerosene headlight, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to crash the bike because you pass out from the Kerosene fumes. I got to say that’s a brilliant plan on Harley’s part to sell more motorcycles.

I guess I’d have to agree. So, of course, any garage is not complete unless you have somewhere you can watch F One. And this garage has somewhere you can watch F1. Great entertainment center here.

As you can see, it’s not enough to have the big cars. You got to have little ones too, in case you can’t see your big cars from up here. And so we got some great couches here to sit down, relax, enjoy yourself, and probably have a few beverages while you watch some F1.

I love a good sitting area. Love sitting back and relaxing. But I’ve I watched cars go fast too long. Then I’m gonna want to get up and go fast myself. And back in the day, this Harley right here was what went fast.

This is a 1928 HarleyDavidson B A. And at the time it was released, it was the top of the line for a Harley Davidson. It features about a 350 CC motor that puts out a whopping 12 HP. It’s in the traditional Harley Davidson classic olive green.

And all of these bikes that we just showed you were meticulously restored by the Harley Davidson museum and eventually sold at auction, where our good friend Glenn picked him up. So this is obviously a man cave.

And what cave is any good without. A wolf in it or a midget? So, this is a 1956 Curtis Kraft sprint midget racer. This car is an original racer. It has 200 HP. Keep in mind, the first Porsches we showed you had a whopping 75 HP.

So this tiny little car is fast way faster than those Porsches. So a gentleman named Ray Leclaire built this car. And Ray actually holds the world speed record for this size car, if you can imagine, and for scale I’m 6ft tall, this car going 180 miles an hour. That’s what Ray holds the record at. This car has a really rare, oftenhiser engine 200 HP. This engine might be the rarest thing in this garage. So a couple of fun things about this car.

One, it’s up on blocks because Glenn told the first thing people would do when they came into the garage was try to hop in this car and sit in it. And no one really wants that. But here’s the other fun thing about this car.

This tire is smaller than this tire because these cars were always going left. So, as you saw from our. Last couple videos. These garages are always a little bit more than storage, and we hope that. You’Ve seen a little bit of what.

Glenn’s personality is like through this. They’re all living spaces, and these are all really cool. Everybody’s got their own personality they put into it. It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable.

And as you could tell, that most of these places, they feel comfortable surrounded by cars and also having someplace to sit back and relax. So he’s got a great bar area here and really, really cool garage overall that we’ve seen today.

Thanks for joining us. We’re going to keep bringing you these tours. If you think you have a garage worth us touring, drop a comment down below. Send us a message. We’d love to come see it and go ahead and like and subscribe and share.

We’re going to bring you more of these, and we hope to have you along for the ride. Come back and see us next time.