20 Mar 2023

FIRST EVER Husman Bros Chilli Cook-off at the Garages Of Texas!

FIRST EVER Husman Bros Chilli Cook-off at the Garages Of Texas!

Today we’re hosting a chili cook off. I’m Justin and I am Aaron. And this is Husman Bros. And before we go too much further, be sure and subscribe. And we should clink. Because tonight we’re hosting a chili cook off.

Who cares? Why are we making a video about a chili cook off? Because, one, these people want to come to one of our parties, and two, I have found the only unbiased chili judge on earth. It’s impossible.

It’s possible because I found an australian who’s never had chili before. He’s never had chili? Never once. How long has he been here? Six years. And he’s never had chili? Never came up. Well, somebody brought some texas only whiskey, so showed up. And I guess I’m gonna have some good chili tonight. Let’s go do it. Check it out.

This is Bruce and Bruce is our only judge tonight. Bruce has never had chili before, so I know you haven’t tried them all.

Yep. What’s your first impression? Lots of people make different flavors. That’s the thing that I’m wrapping my head around different. Some are more oily, some are dry, or some are more liquidy. Okay.

And it’s wrapping my head around those different types of cooking methods. Okay. And then balancing the flavor and the heat and beans or not beans. Right. So we’ve got twelve here. What are you up to?

Just did eight. Just did eight. Okay, I’m going to leave you to it. We’ll catch up with you at the end before we tell the winner. And thank you, everybody. I just got number two. This one looks pretty meaty.

Put a little cheese on and see how it goes. So I’m working up from the bottom to the top. I’m going to keep track of it. I’ve got a little notepad going and I’m figuring out what’s the right flavor for me.

The next one’s got beans. I’m not too excited. So we’ve got a lot of great cars here because a lot of my friends have great cars. We’ve got some Caymans. We’ve got some 911s.

We’ve got some really interesting cars. 971 wagon. A lot of neat stuff out here. Let’s take a look. We even have the oddball Italian that showed up. So let’s see what all we’ve got out here.

We’ve got a lot of great cars out here tonight. This one, though, is one of my favorites. It’s not a turbo s. Really what I love about this one is the white decal on white. I think that’s gorgeous, and it really makes the car pop.

But there’s one that’s really special that I like a lot. This Cayenne here, this is a diesel Cayenne and the interior on this car is amazing. Let’s take a look at it. So if you’re watching this channel at all and thank you for doing that you know that I love my Cayennes.

And this one is one of my local favorites. This is a little bit newer than mine, but there’s a reason I love it. One, it’s diesel. And diesels are fairly rare, but what really sells this car for me is the red interior.

This car’s inside is just amazing. Now that we’ve looked at a couple of the cars here, let’s go find out what our judge has to say about chili. I’m excited to see whose is the best.

We’re here with Bruce. Bruce, I have a task for you. It’s time. We want to know what your top four chilies are. Okay. And we got one with vegemite in it. I want you to tell us which one it is. I can do that. You can pick it out.

I’ve got that. There we go. Since you’ve never had chili before, what are your general thoughts? I never thought you could just eat chili. We had this discussion. Yes. I didn’t know chili was a food.

I thought it was like a side dish. Right. But this was amazing. First of all, thank you to Justin for organizing that. This is amazing. I could there were so many different flavors and ways that was cooked.

Some you could tell different vegetables or flavors. I had Jackie scribing for me as. I gave very I know you’re working very hard. And I went back and tried the top three. So I had 15 cups of chili. Ah, that was that was interesting.

Tomorrow’s when it will be we’ve had that discussion. I’ve been told to get ice cream on the way. There you go. Absolutely. So what’s number four? Number four. The fourth place is chili number six. Okay.

If anyone knows who that is. Third place is chili number twelve. Okay. That’s Jared. That’s cooked over an open fire. I saw the photo. The second place is chili number nine. Okay. That’s my wife Stephanie.

And the first place and I went back and tried this one twice was chili number one. That’s Pat. Is that the trilingual winner? Okay. There we go. Okay, so now which one has vegemite? I got this wrong.

I thought it was number six. Okay. Number nine had the vegemite. Number nine had the vegemite. Yes. That was my second choice. I need to have more now. Maybe not right now.

You asked about potatoes. So what? He asked me once if you could put chili on, like, a steak. And we laughed at him, but he also asked when we first started this conversation, does it have, like, potatoes in it?

But you can put it on a baked potato. You put it on a hot dog. What else do you put chili on? You can also dip your French fries and chili. There you go. Yeah, chili. I’m just going to have a chili fries on.

Yeah, it so also I’ve never had a pepperoni pizza. Yeah, I’ve never had a good steak. That’ll be nice. So, yes, that was excellent. I hope you had a good time. A very great time. Les I’ve got your calendar over here.

Thanks, everyone else for coming, please. We have lots of chili. Eat until you’re done. Here’s your, here’s your and then here are 24 different hot sauces for you. It is an advent calendar, but please do what you like.

Okay, thank you. Thanks, Pat. And again, thanks, everyone. I was really worried we wouldn’t have enough. I’m so happy we had so much. So thank you. Thank you, everyone. We are going to wrap up today’s video in front of this beautiful 1984 911.

Yeah. You can tell Les’s wife has a sense of humor with the license plate. Okay, so what did you think? Man, this was fun. A lot of fun. That was a lot of good chili. I had more chili tonight than I think I’ve ever had in one sitting in my life.

Absolutely. I tried every single one of them. Okay, so did you have a favorite? I got to say my favorite was number twelve. Number twelve? Yeah, it was a cowboy chili cooked over a real fire. It had a really smoky flavor to it and really, really good heat.

Was it? Mine favorite was number nine. Okay. That was my wife’s chili, but with the vegemite. So we’ve learned something new from this event tonight in my household. I couldn’t really figure out which one had the vegemite in it.

I wasn’t really sure. There’s a lot of different textures to this. It’s almost like a great Bourbon tasting. Everyone was different, and it was great that we had Bruce out here to judge him. I think he had a great time, and really, if he doesn’t know what chili is now, he does.

He’s very interested. He’s learning a lot about chili. Right. I think we need to go to Australia and open a chili place. Let’s do it. But in the meantime, if you could tell through the screen which was your favorite, let us know.

Yeah. Leave it in the comments section below, and we will reply. Thanks for watching. See you next time.