20 Mar 2023

MAN CAVE Garage Tour!

MAN CAVE Garage Tour! – @husmanbros  Garage!

Today we are touring the Phoenix funhouse our garage. Welcome back to Husman Bros. I’m Justin and I’m Aaron. Before we go too much further, be sure and subscribe for lots of great videos like this.

So today we’re close to home. We are we’re in a place we spend a lot of time at, or at least I spend a lot of time at our garage. And so this is my other office. We’ll see that part of it soon. But it’s also full of our cars.

Exactly. Let’s take a peek. So we start with the DIVCO. If you watched our good guys video, you saw a little bit of driving in that. We’re going to do a full video about this truck. But this is our company flagship.

Absolutely. It’s been road hard and put up wet, put up plenty of miles on this. But it’s an old hawk. It is an old hawk. So this is a milk truck from the 50s. Don’t know the exact year I actually made up the Vin number because Texas is the wild west when it comes to 55 as far as they know.

But it is the only what it. Is the world’s only DIVCO lightning when. It comes to titles. Texas will let you do whatever you want. So I registered this because it had no title as a 1955 DIVCO lightning.

As we said, we’ll talk about that more in the future. I know that we’ll get some good pictures of it now. But let’s move on to this. So this is our 911 2011 GTS and we will do more about this. We love this car.

Fantastic. And it gets its own side of the garage, right. It’s a special car. And I’m going to correct you because every 911 is something else. This is actually a 997.2 GTS, the last of the great 911.

So now we’ve got this one here. We’ve got our Cayenne and you’ve certainly seen a lot of videos about this one. Big V8 in it and it’s has been lifted. Did we’ve made the video about it. So if you want all the details about it, go check it out.

But this is our fun off road vehicle that we’ve got. We haven’t done it very well. I didn’t wash this one because this one is the one that can be dirty. It’s the equivalent of having a BMW motorcycle.

You just have to enjoy it. You don’t really have to wash it as much. Speaking of motorcycles, we’ve actually got another one here to talk about way back. Here in the back. Was it 57? 57. And I always get the model.

No, it’s not a road, King. It is a road king. It’s not a road, King. It’s not a Pacemaker. It’s a pacemaker. That’s what it is. No, it’s a road king. It is absolutely not a road king. And everybody on this video will correct.

You will see. Good morning. Hey, good morning. I got a question for you. Yeah, what’s that? What is the model of the Cushman? It’s a Pacemaker. Yes. Justin thought it was a road king. 57? Its a 1957 the first year of that bot.

The Road King was the two speed model. I think the model designation is a 722, and the Road King is a 724 or something like that. Okay, awesome. Thanks. Look for your phone call on YouTube. All right.

Well, it’s a Pacemaker. No doubt. There we go. Thank you. All right. I’m not always wrong, but when I am, I’m corrected by our father. So this is a 1957 Pacemaker single speed Cushman. It has been in the family for pretty much all of my life, for a long part of my life.

It was in parts in the garage, and I had never really seen it run or anything, but our dad commuted to work on this when they first moved to Dallas. Through Dallas at night, he worked the night shift.

And have you ever ridden this really. Any it’s a wild and crazy ride. It is. It’s really small wheels. There are absolutely no mirrors. No. And it’s just a twist and go situation with a foot break, which is something else.

So squishy foot break. Very squishy. I rode this one day out to get lunch from here. After kick starting it 100 times to get it started, and I rode it out, and that was maybe three quarters of a mile.

And that was one of the scariest drives I’ve ever had in a motorcycle. And I’m no slouch when it comes to riding miles on a motorcycle. So this is the Pacemaker. We are going to have to buy this from our father very soon.

So that’ll be a good time to talk about. When we do that we’ll do a full review on this as well. Now let’s talk about our garage. This was actually my pet project. I was the construction manager on this thing.

Worked with a great company called Spire and they did a really good job. I did make some mistakes. I’m going to be very frank. We painted this whole thing in a flat white which is not great. Dad actually was a construction manager in his old job and after I finished he shared that I should have gone with an eggshell so I could wipe off stains more easily.

So that’s one thing I learned. So some of the art will be stains on the walls in this garage. Yeah. A fun fact. We’ll go back to this. This actually has been run through the walls of this garage twice because there is no neutral on this and when you kick start it there’s a better than 50% chance that it’s going to rocket whatever direction you’re pointing.

It actually missed the 911 narrowly one time when I did it and our father ran it through the wall on this side and very nearly knocked out the front of the DIVCO. So you got to really want it if you’re going to ride this cushion.

This hasn’t been started in many months. I’m not sure why we’re going to buy this. I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense. So this is our last vehicle but as we know from touring the other garages it’s not just about what you’ve got parked in it.

It’s the whole package. Yeah. Looking at some of the other garages they may have some better art on there but I do like what we have going on here. And there was another guy here who had a sale with some very special memorabilia and I picked these prints up because I thought they were really cool.

These prints were made specifically for they were commissioned for a car show that was going on a very nice car show and so they’re all really cool. They look like old movie posters, maybe even some horror posters but directed by Carol Shelby.

Produced by Shelby Automotive Inc. And so they’ve got a lot of cool titles on them and cool fonts and so I thought these would go great in this garage. I don’t have any Mustangs currently, any Cobras.

The only Ford I’ve got is stuffed in a DIVCO, which is from Detroit. So I guess that’s something. But I thought these posters really helped and made a nice touch here. So I have a question for you. When you bought these, did you realize that they were all Mustang focused, or you just saw the art and thought it was cool?

One A and one B? I mean, I did notice that they were all Ford focused, right? I did think about that. That and I made the tie to the lightning engine, so I’ve chopped up a Ford. At least it’s tenuous, so I’m into it.

Now, do you have a favorite one? My favorite out of all of these, I think I really have to go with this one over here. Attack of the killer Cobras. I just thought that was a really cool one. It was funny.

Reminded me of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, or that weird, mysterious Sci-⁠Fi video none of us in our family can find again, the Attack of the Killer Bread. I don’t think it exists. I think that was a mass hallucination.

My favorite is Dr. Shelby’s secret formula. It makes me think of, like, Jekyll and Hyde, because while Mustangs are performance cars, they were kind of secretary cars, too. They come with a small six cylinder.

They’re cute and all that sort of thing. And I like the idea of the Mustang transitioning from fun commuter car to this fire breathing monster. So that’s why I love Dr. Shelby secret formula. Another thing, over here in the corner, I have a thermometer.

There’s a lot of family stuff in this garage, and my brother and I are in business together. We’re YouTube stars together. And so this is a hearken back to my grandfather. He worked for a company called Brilliant that sold farm equipment.

And this is an old thermometer that has been in my family again my entire life. That’s kind of who we are. Let’s go look at what else we’ve got going on the walls over here. Yes. That is who we are. We are Husmans.

We are hoarders of things. That’s one way to say it, for sure. Although, to be fair, it doesn’t get to a filling up your house sort of way. We also do get rid of a lot of our stuff eventually. One thing I don’t think we will get rid of for quite some time is probably this.

Some of these prints that we’ve got. Got a big wall over here, so we’ve got some big prints we want to put on it. This one here celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Maverick Region Porsche Club. It’s really cool mosaic with a bunch of covers from their Slipstream magazine.

We’re a big sponsor of the Porsche Club and very active, active for a long time. Absolutely. This one we got a little bit of nostalgia. The Dallas Grand Prix from 1984. Yeah, this was an exciting time for me.

You’re a little bit young, but for me, this was shortly after we moved to Dallas. It was all over the news. It was everywhere and this poster seemed to be everywhere. I actually spotted this one at an estate sale tucked behind another shelf.

They didn’t know they had it. I think I paid like $2 or $3 for it. Yeah, it’s very cool. By Leroy Neiman. Yeah. Leroy Neiman Big 80s Artist He’s pretty well known. He still does things, but it’s really just kind of a neat thing to find.

So Grand Prix. I don’t think Texas Motor Speedway speedway was here in 84. This was through the streets of Dallas. That’s what made it so cool. It’s like the race in Monaco. I mean, like through the streets.

So did they continue this on past 1984? I think it was a one year thing. Well, probably because they tore up their car so bad, only one car made it to the finish line. Going through all the potholes in Dallas.

You know what? I actually know someone who drove in this race. I’ll ask him why it didn’t continue. Maybe we’ll get back. Stay tuned. So this is the poster from the Concourse from this year. And one of the reasons this is here, other than it being a really cool piece, is we also need a mural here because we’ve got a big blank wall and we’ve got to put something on it.

We do. And we’ve had this place for a few years now. We’ve kind of been kicking around what we’re going to do. But this guy is a local artist. Actually, he’s a friend of a friend. So I’m going to reach out to him shortly and see what he’s interested in doing on our wall here.

Hope to have something really neat up there next time we do a video. This is not all we’ve got on the walls here. Now, we still have a little more to show. A little more to show. But let’s go up there a little bit.

Oh, yeah. Okay. So these are our guitars and banjos. Now, I know you play a little guitar. I do. I don’t play these very much. Right. And I own several banjos. Yeah, don’t play them. I know some chords.

We’ll say it that way. We put these up here because it just looks cool. That was a big empty wall. Well, for me, the big thing was I own several guitars and I do do play guitar, and I do like playing different guitars.

But one thing I don’t like to do is to get rid of guitars. Reference that Husman’s been hoarding things we just talked about. But thankfully, we’ve got nice big open space and we had some empty wall space to work with.

And I thought it looked really cool to go ahead and hang them up there. So there was two pieces to that strategy. One, decoration, two, storage. Right. We have the television up there as well, because we do use this as an event space.

We’ve hosted some of the Talk to the Driver events and things like that here. And that’s a great way to have everybody around showing a video and just being entertained. So that’s not all we’ve got on the walls down here, though.

We’ve got a couple more things that we can talk about before we head upstairs. Okay. We can go through our trophy case here. Let’s do that. We’re winners. Yeah, absolutely. And this proves it. Well, literally what this proves is that nobody else has a Divco, that’s for sure.

Most of the car shows that we go to with the Divco, we do end up winning some kind of prize because nobody else has anything like it. And most of the time, you see DIVCO’s just done up original style.

And ours is hot rod style. Right. So we’re able to take it more places because it goes faster, but therefore, we win a lot of awards. And so we decided to hang all of our plaques up here in the garage much.

Right. What that wall proves is that one time that truck looked really good from judging distance. Well, it depends on if you’re judging from, like, 1ft or10 ft. That’s true. We’ll get it back. It needs a dry dock soon.

The last couple of pieces on the wall over here are just some fun things I’ve picked up at car shows. The two old cars. On the wall are advertising pieces from the 1950s or 60s. Probably there was a big revival at the time going on in Oldsmobile dealerships.

You could actually buy a replica 1901 Oldsmobile from an Oldsmobile dealership in that time period. So it makes a lot of sense that that was the advertising they used. The last piece we have is from another local artist here.

This is a number print. And this one spoke to me because while I love Texas and I’ve been here for quite some time, I am not from here. So kind of my sentiment. You all may go to hell, and I will go to Texas.

Let’s go upstairs and see what we’re working with. So, one of the things I didn’t do in this garage was extend the pitch of the steps a little bit. Yeah, they’re narrow, too. They are. And a lot of people complain about how hard it is to walk upstairs.

That’s also why I didn’t put in a gym. So you got to want it, though, right? Exactly. So welcome to my office. I know I spend a little bit more time here than you do. Yeah. So I feel like it’s my office, but let’s talk about what we’ve got going on here.

Another print. Yeah. This one is actually we got this one from Dennis, actually, the very first garage. Yeah. When you saw our other video of going through Dennis’s garage, one of the things you may not have seen is that he offered us this print.

Now, why would he give away something so nice? Justin? Because he thought he was buying a single print. It’s numbered right 25 of 500. So Dennis thought he was buying a single print. I think he said he paid like, $20 or something like that, some insignificant number.

And when it was shipped to him, it was all of them. So he has a stack, and if you ever make it to this garage or Dennis’s garage, he’ll offer you a print of the Parnelli Jones sketch here. Really great thing.

I framed it just because it’s kind of funny that he bought a whole stack of prints. It looks great. So, I hear a lot about Justin working from the garage, and so I guess this would be the workspace that he would work in.

And I suppose the space looks about like it does at your other office. Right. And. The computer seems to be off or not working. So guess what? I guess it’s doing about the same amount of stuff. You can’t prove I’m not working here.

That desk says I am. So when I built this, because I was the construction manager on this project, I made some mistakes and I’m going to own up to them now. I owned up to the stairs being a little bit too steep.

But the other one is a bigger mistake because I went with flat paint on the walls. It picks up every scuff, everything. If you look behind the bar, you can see it even more. And so that was a big mistake.

I should have consulted with our dad, who was a construction manager in a former life. And after it was already built, then he told me that was a bad idea. So here we go. Watch out for Husman Bros. Contractors don’t hire them.

Not as a GC anyhow, not as a general contractor. Definitely for decoration. I’m your man. So interior designers spoke about this. Let’s talk about that. Yeah. So this is one of the reasons. As you can see, the flat pane has got lots of scuffs here.

But this is one of my favorite parts of this place. Not because I’m an alcoholic, but because of all the logo stuff. So I had these made for us. These reference the other company where we actually pay the bills.

And we had these made because this is an entertainment space or was intended to be one. Anyway. It is. We’re hosting an event here pretty soon. Absolutely. So why don’t you tell everyone what they can see under the glass here?

Well, here we have our bar top and so we had a lot of discussions about what we were going to do with this. A big fan of a bottle cap bar top is pretty cool. But we came up with this idea. We had all these ticket stubs that we had saved over the years and some of our different materials that we over the years.

And we thought it would be really cool to put them down on this bar top and then put a piece of glass over the top of it. We had had this sticker hanging around from when we had first wrapped our first nine four four.

And it really just been hanging around. We couldn’t commit to sticking it on anything. And I’m glad we saved it. Because it really looks great at the center of this bar. And we get a lot of compliments on these.

And we saved these tickets, didn’t use them. Probably dealt with a little more hassle than we needed to when we were at different shows for trying to exchange tickets. Right. But it’s all worth it. I have I have a method to my madness.

We’ve even got the very first business cards we ever made with our cell phone number on there. Cameraman. Stay away from those. But let’s talk about what’s behind the bar. So we have obviously booze behind the bar.

But the jukebox top is one of my favorite parts. Another family heirloom piece. Absolutely. This is the top selector part of a 1960 NSM Prestige jukebox. Handled forty five s. And it was in my house for a long time and I used it.

I played a lot of records on it. It was the entertainment system for my household. I was playing music until one day a little piece broke. Now, the NSM is not one of the more common jukeboxes. So there are not a ton of them out there in the US.

They were big in Europe, but not as much in the US. German brand. Right? I believe it was the German brand. I could not get this little piece. And that little piece is what let me select the songs. So, long story short, I had to scrap the jukebox.

Nobody really wanted to buy it. They would only take it. And so it didn’t work. I took the parts off of it that would remind me of the jukebox. Got myself a new jukebox. But we went ahead and made this into a piece of art.

Actually, our dad did. He made this into a piece of art for this garage. So it lights up. It’s a fun nostalgic piece for us. But yeah, this is more than just Aaron’s jukebox. This was actually a family jukebox that I selected songs on from birth, basically.

And it actually existed. The reason our family owned it is because our great grandmother Grandma Shown owned a pool hall in Monticello, Iowa. And it. Sat in the pool hall. So she wasn’t a pool hall kind of lady.

So that’s just a great story. Now, you still have the pool table at home, right? I still have the pool table at. Home, and so that’s a lot of fun. So in the basement as well was our 1952 International Harvester refrigerator, and it works at great expense.

And this was an argument we had when we were building the garage. I had to choose between a shower and repairing this, and I chose this because it has a lot of sentimental value to me. I didn’t have it redone, I just had it repaired.

So it functions as it should. It keeps things very cold. I think it’s really cool. That’s an International Harvester, and I think it’s a great talking piece for the garage here. Everybody else has a normal fridge, but we have a 52.

Now, fun fact, I have the original receipt for this. Is it still under warranty? It’s not under warranty, and it weighs a metric ton. Do you want to guess what this thing costs when it was new in 1950?

1952 refrigerator. I’m going to guess it cost $250. $72. $72. What a deal. Well, $72, but look how long this. Thing has lasted, right? And only one $3,000 service in between.

But you spread that out over all. Those years, I guess it’s a good. Return on your money. It’s a good rate. So you want to talk about our last little couple of pieces of art in this corner? Yeah. Over here we’ve got a vintage poster.

This one is not family related, actually, we picked it up several years back. But this is from the it is, believe it or not, an insurance magazine. I mean, it’s a flyer of sorts. When you’re in insurance, you go to conferences, they give you paper, all the information about it.

Insurance companies love their paper, but they nailed it on this one. This one was really cool. I wish they would give us paper like this these days, because obviously it makes a really cool poster here, but on the back of it, it is a product flyer with all the things that you need to know to be able to sell this particular insurance.

Absolutely. Yeah. This one is another favorite. I see it’s breaking again, so I’m going to have to send it to the mechanic. But this is our grouping of cars. You’ve already seen the nine four four, but we’ve got the 911 and then the Cayenne and the DIVCO.

Our employees made this on Boss’s Day many years ago. I don’t know if it still applies, but they liked us then and did a great job. Yeah. And so if you’re gonna go to the garage, eventually you’re gonna have to go and not just home.

And so I know this is the piece you’ve all been waiting for. Here’s where the magic happens. This is our restroom. Justin insisted on this fancy toilet, and so I gave in and got it. I’m glad we did, because this is a lot lower profile because this is a very small room, but it too needed decoration.

And I also had stuff that I had hung on for way too long. My old beer mirrors from college. And so they made a great decoration for this bathroom. We put them all up and put a mirror on every wall, so makes it really feel like a lot bigger of a room here.

Plus, got some cool vintage beers here. My favorite of this one has got to be Spuds Mackenzie. I was a big fan of Spuds growing up. My favorite part of the restroom, if we’re going to spend a lot of time on restrooms, is what hangs over the sink.

And I did this on purpose. We’re going to trade places right now. So I also picked this up at an estate sale. And I know people are really creeped out by clowns. One of the reasons I picked this up, clowns generally have soft makeup.

This clown has John Wayne Gacy points on his eyebrows, and that makes me laugh very hard. But even more, he watches you from every mirror in the room. You cannot escape the clown’s gaze while you’re in the restroom at any position.

Last piece of art we’ve got to talk about and then we’ll wrap it up for this tour is the one we have on alone. Exactly. We have this on loan from the Olsonian. This is Bill. Hines, the lead slinger. Yes. And this is actually pencil done, right?

Yes, it’s all done by pencil, by Mr. A Carmona. I was shocked when Jason picked this up. I was not shocked when his wife said, this cannot be in our house anymore. I love it. I think it fits in really well up here.

One of the things that I’m working on upstairs here is a complete black, white, and red aesthetic. That’s all I want up here. We’ve got a little color from our light. We’ve got a little color from the other things.

In general, I want black, white, and red up in here. I’m kind of like Jack White in that way. So I think that’s it for this one. One of my favorite garages, for sure. Yeah. Oh, actually, no, one more thing.

Okay. Shop dog. I forgot about that. Because every shop needs a vicious animal like this. Hey, he will bite your ankles off, man. He will, and he does. So if you like Teddy, leave a comment. We’ll see if he can’t come join us in another video.

Maybe he can tour. A garage, something like that. Either way, thanks for watching so much, and we’ll see you next time.