20 Mar 2023



We have an over the top garage to tour today? Absolutely. Let’s go check it out. Thank you. Wow. What is that? That, my friend, is an elevator. Whoa. All the good garages have them nowadays. I haven’t seen one yet with an elevator.

Well, you haven’t seen a good garage yet. Let’s check them out. That’s cool. Wow, man. This is really cool. Yeah, I thought you would like this one. This one really is over the top. I wanted to kind of have everybody understand.

What one of these is like before. It’s filled with cars and personalized. This one was built just with all the creature comforts you can consider. Yeah, it looks like this is really, really well built out here, and can’t wait to check out everything we got going on.

Wait till we go upstairs. Yeah, wait till upstairs to see all the secret stuff. It’s just really I’d like to live here. Very honestly. I’m getting that point. So what are you going to show me first? All right, so first, this hides, I guess, the working part of the garage.

Okay. Appliances, maybe. Yeah, there’s appliances back here if we go through here. Now, when I first came in here, I thought these doors were wooden, but these are actually wow. This was not a deal. Inexpensive undertaking.

So you do have your washer and dryer. You were correct. I mean, that’s a big gauge steel right there. You see, we’ve got storage back here. We have an awesome urinal. I’d like to use it just to say that I did, but since we’re putting this on video, I don’t know that I should.

So here, I’m going to showcase a urinal on our channel for a moment. Does your garage have a keg urinal? Keg urinal? You know what they say about beer way it’s all recycled. Right? And so then we’ve got your deep sink back here in storage.

It’s got a leak under the sink. No, it doesn’t. That’s a little joke for you, I guess. I assume that has to be where they did some work on. It’s a little epoxy, because I’ll show you where else there’s some other work on the floor as well now.

This is one of one of the surprises that greeted us when we came in here is, I guess what is his name? Devo. The longhorn. Yeah. Everybody needs a longhorn. I don’t think hunting longhorn is really all that difficult, though, is it?

They tend to pack together. Yes. Now, before we go upstairs, I don’t want to leave downstairs without pointing out this floor, because this looks awesome. We’ve been in a lot of these garages, and a lot of them are like ours.

They’ve got the white with the speckles in it. But I just think if you’re going to have a facility like this and you’re going to store all your cars here, I don’t know that you can have a better looking floor than this.

And especially this color. It looks like I’m walking on the ocean here. This is just a beautiful blue color, and I think it’s going to look really cool once you get some cars in here. Right. Part of the whole purpose of this series is for me to get you on board with a rather expensive renovation of our two garages.

You know what I think I really want to put in our garage next? What? The jumping hole. So have you tried to ever use the jumping hole? I can’t say that I’ve used the jumping hole. Okay. I’m a little bit intimidated.

I know most people are blown away by the elevator, but let’s start with the jumping hole and give that a shot. So what you do for the jumping hole is you get under. Now, here’s more floor stuff, and we’ll talk about that in a minute.

Don’t worry about that. But that’s where you want to plant yourself. You want to get down, and you really want to just send it straight up. Okay. Onto the floor there. All right. You might want to take your sunglasses.

All right. I was thinking. Well, did I stick the landing? Oh, yeah, you hit it. Perfect. All right, your turn. Come on, now. That’s super dangerous. I’m just going to take the elevator. Now. That’s not actually a jumping hole.

Frankly, I’m impressed that he made it, but what it was was a fireman’s pole, and you can see on the floor where it was mounted there. Apparently, it was never very stable. The actual pole is right over here.

Um, the owner has mentioned that he might turn that into a racing flag stand. Put some flags up there so you can feel like starting the ending 500 or whatever. But let’s go look at one of the neatest things in this garage.

So this is the elevator, and the elevator itself is really cool. It makes me feel like I’m in Wonka’s factory. I’m going to Augustus Gloop it upstairs right now. So it opens here. It’s a little pneumatic tube.

Kind of make you feel like a letter in the bank or your deposit. So stand by here. I’m going to head upstairs, and you can hear exactly how loud this is. As I’m going upstairs, I am going to keep talking so that you can kind of get a feel for how loud it is in the elevator here.

Now, this is a $50,000 addition to this garage, and everybody wows is so wowed by it when they see it and when they ride in it. So there are not a lot of people that can say they have ridden an elevator upstairs in a garage.

Just a really cool addition to this place and really puts it over the top. Oh, you finally made it upstairs. Well, it’s not the fastest elevator for sure. No. And while you were going on and on about it, I checked out the upstairs.

So I’m going to give you the tour. Oh, fantastic. Well, it starts right here with this beautiful piece. Okay. Great decoration. Really helps with the ambiance of this place. Is it rare? I mean, I suppose it was on the clearance rack, so there couldn’t have been many of them.

It’s regular $50, but on sale for $29.99. It was on the clearance rack because they didn’t sell very many. So certainly rare. What else do we have up here? Well, this might be the cheapest thing up here, aside from us.

Okay, so we start here in the kitchen area. Beautiful. I know. Island here. Here. Great stone top going all the way down to the floor here. What kind of stone do you think this is? What do I look like, a geologist?

I don’t know, but if we got any geologists that are watching the video or any stoners yeah. Make sure you leave a comment below. Let us know exactly what kind of stone this is. Okay. Beautiful. It’s great.

The stools. That belly up to the bar. Really cool and rustic. We got some thick gauge steel. Again, I’m wondering if this guy has a steel business, but nice distressed wood here. He’s supported one very well.

Yeah, absolutely. But very cool countertop area for you to hang out with your buddies. You bet. Yeah, I could see having a lot of great parties here. And on this side over here, I can see already we have an ice maker.

What is that? Oh, an ice maker. That’s right. So we got the ice maker. But wait, that’s not all over here. Dishwasher. So things get a little messy here. You’re not at the sink cleaning up all those dishes all the time.

But you can see. Look at that. Look at the cabinets right here. This is custom cabinets. I didn’t even notice this at first because it blends right in. Right. I did notice this at first. I have one of these at my house.

This is an induction cooktop. These are really cool because they heat up your pans with magnets. I like magnets. It’s all magnets nowadays. So what else do we have in here? Well, we’ve got probably one of the most expensive microwaves I’ve ever touched.

I got a pretty fancy microwave. Feel this thing. This thing is solid as a rock. I’m pretty sure that’s going to survive a nuclear. Listen to that. That is a very satisfying tool. You’re not going to cook a turkey in there.

It’s actually a small toaster convection of it as well. So it looks like it does both things. Wow, that does feel really solid. That’s special. What else we have here? Well, you want a cold drink? I would love a cold drink.

Grab one of the fridge. I don’t see a fridge anywhere. I would expect it to be one of those little beer fridges under here, but I don’t see anything. Oh, no. Oh, wow. Here we go. Very nice. Very nice.

It looks like my fridge. It does. This garage was so tastefully done. I mean, really, really nicely thought out. And of course, down below freezer as well. And when you have your elf friends over, you can feed them tiny little ice cubes.

Tiny little ice cubes. Or maybe that’s for when you have. A doll tea party or something like that. Yeah, really great. That’s really super cool. What else is happening up here? All right, well, over here got brick.

Really real brick. It’s not a veneer. It’s not a painting here. This is just a brick wall that’s built. It’s just a small wall, little accent piece, but really industrial looking. I don’t know that it was made to be old, but these bricks don’t look brand new.

They’re all a little bit different shape. So these may have been used bricks here to just give it that age so it doesn’t just look like a simple generic new brick wall. Really nicely done. And then we’ve got another sitting area over here.

I see the bathroom there. So we got a great sitting area over here. This is really cool. Some nice looking cabinets that match all of the rest of the cabinets. But sometimes you’re working on the garage a little late, you don’t want to drive home.

Maybe you had a few too many beers. Oh, wow. Got a nice Murphy bed here we can pull out. I know the answer to this, but I’m going to ask you a trick question. Can you live in one of these garages? You are not allowed to live in one of these garages.

Why is that? It’s just part of the HOA rules. This is not meant to be a residential facility. Right. These garages of Texas are all actually zoned as warehouse space. So you can’t have somebody live in a warehouse.

Although I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people living in warehouses all over Dallas Fort Worth. But you know what you can do? Take really long naps on your Murphy bed. So when we built our garage, Aaron and I kind of went back and forth about putting a shower in.

But this builder decided to put a shower in, and I think it was a wise choice, really a nicely set up bathroom. The shower is not separate. It’s just part of the overall hole. It’s beautiful tile. It’s a really, really nice garage.

And again, this is one of the things that I’m going to put on the list for our remodeling job. So we’ll get a shower when we come back around the next time. Let’s see if there’s anything else Aaron has to show me.

I’ll let you take a peek inside. While we do that’s, let’s see what else Aaron found to show me here. I think we’re just about wrapped up with this one. What else do you have to show me? So I’ve got a question that just popped up in my head.

How did all this stuff get up here? Like magic. So jumping hole, you think? Probably not the jumping hole. Okay. Spiral staircase. I’m thinking this couch is going to be a lot of pivots to get up a spiral staircase.

Do you think they bought it disassembled like an Ikea, and brought it up piece by piece in the elevator? You think of the nail that each. One of these braids mean. This guy has attention to detail, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

Maybe. But I think the more realistic way that it happened is something I spotted while you were checking out the bathroom. Okay, so we got this beautiful rail here. Very nice. But I noticed this latch over here where we got a door that opens up.

So this place seems dangerous. I mean, either this is another way that people can jump up without having to go through the hole. This is for the less experienced jumpers fair. Or perhaps this was the plan for bringing the furniture up here.

And obviously, furniture wears out. You might have to replace the furniture. How are you going to get it down? Not going to be through that elevator or that spiral staircase. And I don’t think you want to throw it down or make a pulley system.

Sure. So you’re going to have to get a scissor lift, some kind of lift to lift it up here and then be able to bring it on board. So is there anything else that you want to show me? Well, of course. We started from the bottom.

Now we’re here at the top, but not the tip top. We got to go all the way until we reach our ceiling. And looking around the ceiling, I noticed the fans. Okay. Now, a lot of garages have fans. Plenty of the garages go with the well known Big Ass Fan.

These are not big ass fans, but they are large, very big fans. But look at the style of the fan. Very nice. Most of them look very industrial. They look the same. This one has a different kind of fan.

And I think it’s a really, really cool look. It’s not as big as the big ass fan, right? But it’s plenty big to move the air around here. Because when you have these garages, if you know anything about signs, you know, heat rises.

And so when that heat is laying there at the top, it gets awfully toasty up here at the mezzanine. Another thing I want to add to our garage, at some point, we need a giant fan to move more air than we have now.

So is there anything else we want to think about with this garage? Any takeaways from this place? I think we’ve shown everything this garage has to offer without any cars in it. Yeah, we’re going to do our best to come back here when there’s cars in it and show you this thing all built out and decorated.

But I think even though it was empty, it was well worth the tour. Such a cool place. Absolutely. So hope you come back and see the next garage tour that we’ve got for you. Please remember to, like, subscribe and share.

If you have any specific questions or comments about what you’ve seen in this garage or something that you want to know about this garage or if you. Want us to tour your garage yeah. Make sure you leave a comment below and let us know.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.