20 Mar 2023

Our NEW Porsche Cayenne Turbo S!

Our NEW Porsche Cayenne Turbo S!

Today we’re going to tell you a little bit about this really rare Cayenne Turbo S. Welcome to Husman Bros. Before we go too much farther for great content like this, please subscribe. And I want to start telling you about this incredible new Cayenne.

Hey, man, this is nice. Who’s this? Well, ours. What? Yeah. You bought another Cayenne. And I like them. So, you know, I think that this car or truck, depending on what side of the fence you fall on, is one of the great values in Porsches today.

How many do you need to get the great value out of them? You need a really rare one. Okay. That’s what this is what’s rare about this. So this is a 2006 Cayenne Turbo S. This is a 500 plus horsepower, twin turbo 4.5 liter V8, like, is in our Cayenne S.

Okay. All right. Are you starting to be on board? I like it. I like what I’m hearing, what I’m hearing. Let me double down on it. All right. What do you got? It’s also tuned, and it’s got a full exhaust on it.

I think this thing is probably pushing 550 or more, which is not too bad. And here’s the kicker, is we’re not going to leave it like this. Oh, we’re not, are we? No. What are we going to do with it? You know what else I like about Cayenne?

The modification, their offroad capability, depending on who’s driving. And so this Cayenne Turbo S is not only a very rare car, it is the perfect one to modify. This is a lot of power in this package.

It really is. Let’s talk about some of the more unique things about this car. This is a twin turbo 4.5 liter V8. Okay. It is a different motor than our twin turbo. Twin turbo. Oh, wow. Bigger turbos than the normal turbo Cayenne.

Wow. What Porsche does is when they wrap up a production year, and this is the last year of this year, this is the 955 Cayenne. When they wrap up production, they tend to make some special cars, and this is absolutely one of them.

So one of the best cars to buy, best values, is going to be the last car of a generation for any manufacturer. Well, Porsche specifically, because that’s when they pull out all the stops and make the special ones.

RGDs is a similar car, last of the generation. So I thought this would be a great buy. Actually, Cousin Rob came to me with this, the Cayenne Whisper, so we have his help in this project. Okay. So my goal is to build this into an off road monster and then sell it.

 I like that part. I know you like that part. So we think that this will make somebody a really good rig. Okay. I’d like it to make me a really good rig, but I’ve already got one, as we well know, and we can sell it to you.

That’s fine. Well, let’s subscribe, you know, how maybe I can buy it. No discount. So what are my plans for this? We’re going to start with the front bumper. We’re working with Eurowise on this build, and we’re going to replace this front bumper with a Eurowise front bumper.

We are going to be working with Cousin Rob on this. So this will be a lot of fun working with him. These are rare wheels. I forget the exact name of the wheels, but we’re going to be replacing those anyway.

We are going to be lifting this. This does have an air suspension, so it’s adjustable. But we’re going to put some lifting it anyway so that we can get even bigger wheels and tires on it if we come back here to look at this car.

Now, our Cayenne S is fairly bare bones. If we look at this one, this does have the wood trim. It has the full entertainment system. It’s got everything going on inside, including the Porsche rubber Mat.

So this is a very well appointed interior. You can go offroading with it, and we expect you to once we finish building it. But you can do it in style, for sure. Come into the middle here. We’re going to be putting a new roof rack on this.

We’re going to be using a front runner rack like we have on our Cayenne, but we’re not going to be putting the tire on the top of the rack. We’re going to be putting a rear mounted carrier on this one.

Now, Porsche did make an original. Tire carrier that you could get as an option. They are so rare, we’re not even going to try to find one. Instead, we’re going to do an aftermarket process. Now, some of the other things that we’re going to do with this, we may be replacing these Led lights.

I’m not a giant fan, nor his cousin Rob. However, it depends on how they work. We’re not going to fix what’s not broken. I’ve not seen it run at night yet, so I’m not entirely sure about that. This is a really special car.

There were not a tremendous amount of these made, so building this will be a lot of fun. I love building things that really should be left stock, and this one might should be left stock. But if you’re looking for a Porsche Cayenne and you want one that’s really going to appreciate the Turbo S is where it’s at.

Limited production, really great car. And all the kinks have been worked out. At this point. We think it’ll be a fun build. I think it’ll be a good time, and I think that we’ll be able to do pretty well on it from a sale perspective.

Yeah. Okay. So you say it’s pretty rare. It’s a nice car. How nice is it? Would it cost brand new? So in 2006, when this was new and we had the sticker for it, it was in the $130,000 range. That’s like $135,000 today, I think, in today’s money?

No, today’s money, that’s like $400 grand. So, yeah, it was an expensive car. They didn’t sell a tremendous amount of these. And really, this was not one, I think, that you walked in and bought by accident.

You had to know what you were looking for because really limited car. So where did this car come from? Came from here in Dallas, actually. I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again. A lot of these cars are on their third and fourth owners, as you know from being the guy that writes the checks.

Maintenance costs are rather expensive on these. Even though they can be had, an average Cayenne can be had relatively inexpensively. So my suspicion is that the guy we bought this from was kind of out of his depth in terms of what he could afford to repair on it.

It does need some things. Yeah. The next one, can we get an AMC Eagle instead? I think those repairs will be a little bit less expensive. Okay. I will buy us an AMC Eagle. Don’t don’t threaten me with a good time.

So we’ll start with this one. So now the big question. How does it drive? It drives okay. It needs some stuff. That’s part of the maintenance stuff we need. It needs tie rod ends, and we’ll be doing all those things before we do anything with it.

But I do want you to see what kind of punch it gives you in the guts. All right. Well, you know, I am going to hold you accountable to your results, so why don’t I drive it now? We’ll see how it goes before we start the project, and then I’ll drive it again once we’re all done, and I’ll let you know what kind of work you did.

I’ll allow it. For a guy who drives the most boring car on earth, you are super critical. So let’s take a look and see what it looks like. Do it. I was fancy. Richly appointed interior here. We got the really nice wood grain.

That almost new car smell in here. It’s been cleaned for sure. Let’s take it for a spin. Yeah. I like the grumble. I like it. It’s good. All right, let’s give it a ride. Let’s do it. All right. First drive in the new cayenne.

See what this thing is all about. This thing’s very nice. Richly appointed. I love all the wood in here. I’m not sure how much you’re going to really need any of that on the trail, but it’ll certainly make you feel like you’re surrounded by luxury, even if you may be only surrounded by animals and trees.

It’s got some nice pep to it. You can feel the turbos. This one has not been does have a way you can elevate it, although I have no idea where that button is, so I’m not going to mess around with that.

I do have something a little different than ours. We’ve got three different driving modes here. I’ve got comfort. Normal in sports. So I’m gonna give them all a try here. So start with comfort, and we’ll see how that goes.

Still plenty of pickup. You can feel when the turbos kick in. You hear them letting off. Dude, really smooth right here. I can understand why they call it the comfort mode. Not bouncy at all on the lifted Cayenne.

You got a lot more bounciness with that one. This one is nice and smooth. Gas pedal is real sensitive on this. Oh, got a little device here, actually, so that’s pretty cool. Got a front warning sensor, so if I’m getting too close, it’ll go off.

I don’t think I’m very close at all to the car in front of me, but apparently this Cayenne does think that I’m a little bit too close for its comfort. And I wish I had one of those on my 911. I’m more concerned about scraping a curve with that one.

I’ll shift it into sport mode and see what that is all about in. The 911 Sport mode. Makes the gas pedal very sensitive, the brakes very sensitive, and it runs a lot higher in RPMs between gears than it does in the other modes.

So this is regular sport. We’ll see what we get here. Not revving too high. I don’t know if that’s using more turbos or what. I certainly do feel like I’m moving a little bit faster for my money. I’m starting to see why Justin liked this, why he decided to go ahead and pick this up.

We had a lot of fun building our other Cayenne, and so I can see why you’d want to. This is a very nice vehicle. Not too high a mileage here. Lots of options. I really like this sport mode. This is a lot of fun.

I’m sure the other drivers around me don’t think it’s as much fun as I do. Even on the sport mode, it’s still pretty comfortable. I could tell the suspension is a little bit tighter, though. Brakes are responsive in the sport mode for sure.

I don’t know if this gas mileage is going to be any better than the other Cayennes, but I think part of the reason the gas mileage is so bad with these Cayennes is because of how fun it is to drive. You really put your foot into this.

I’ve got a forerunner currently, and it’ll get up and go wherever you need it to go, but just don’t count on getting you there very fast from a zero to 60. And even once you’re up in the definitely feels like you’re at the top of that four runner.

So I’ve had a Jeep Wrangler before, too, and I had the four liter straight six. And on that light truck that’s certainly going to pick you up and take you wherever you want to go and get you there pretty fast.

But having driven a lot faster vehicles since then, I definitely would put this ahead of that. I mean, obviously you’d have to. It’s a twin turbo V 8, so we know it’ll definitely move. And that’s what’s fun about these Cayennes, the big V8 is they really move these vehicles down the road.

And this one with the twin turbos on it, this one is just a lot of fun to drive and it will really get up and go. I wouldn’t put it up against a 911 for zero to 60, but put me up against any SUV in this thing and I’m happy.

I definitely see the appeal. I see where Justin’s coming from. Still would like a little bit of approval here and there. Before we go getting on new projects, but I’ve got it, and we’re gonna go ahead and have some fun with it now.

So let’s head back to the garage, and we will go ahead and start breaking this thing down. All right? Okay. What do you think? I hate it. I don’t think so. I don’t know. It’s great. That’s a lot of fun.

Certainly a lot smoother than our lifted Cayenne. Yeah, it’s going to get less smoother. I mean, it’s still going to be air suspension, so it’ll be a smoother ride regardless. I love the three different modes.

That’s a lot of fun. And this thing really picks up and goes. It rips, doesn’t it? Absolutely. And then great brakes, too. You can get up a lot faster on some small streets than you really should, but if you do, big brakes to slow it down.

I mean, these cars are so hard to find. There’s been a couple of articles about looking for one of these cars, and I’m so glad that Rob reached out to me and said, we need to do this thing. And I think this is going to be a tremendous amount of fun.

Even in its, frankly, a little bit tired state, this thing is a beast. I can’t wait until we get it to where it needs to be and really see what it can do. So, any of the takeaways from this thing? Any thoughts on my impulse purchase here?

Man, I don’t know if it’ll climb a mountain, but if it can, it’ll climb it really fast. Make sure you subscribe for more like this. We are going to build this, and then we’re going to sell it. So leave a comment down below and look for the rest of these videos on this car coming soon.

I hope you love it as much as I do. It’ll be a good time.