13 Mar 2019

Geneva’s Auto Show – True Neutrality

Any number of auto shows around the world bear the tagline ‘International’. But most of those international forums are typically more nationalistic; Frankfurt beats its German chest, while Paris remains decidedly French. And you know, of course, what Detroit does: It invariably dances the displacement game to a Motown soundtrack. The exception is Geneva, where its historic neutrality – and lack of homegrown industry – leads to almost everyone beating their collective chests. Here, as reported by trade publication Automotive News, is an overview of what should inevitably be in your garage:

Word on the street – or graveled road – has Alfa Romeo bringing a compact crossover to Geneva, which would slot beneath the current Stelvio. Reportedly based on the Jeep Renegade, we can only hope that in execution the Alfa is more ‘car’ and less ‘toon’ than its Jeep donor.

Audi continues its predictable pursuit of Tesla with its Q4 e-tron crossover concept, a production version of which goes on sale within the next two years. Closer to your Audi showroom is a plug-in hybrid variant of the Q5 crossover, perfect for those wanting roughly 50 miles of all-electric propulsion, along with 300 miles of ‘let’s get out of town’!

Bugatti adds an exclamation to economic stratification with a one-off hypercar, built for former Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech. If the approximate cost is accurate – a cool $18,000,000 – simple math suggests that same sum could buy 90 Huracans from your Lamborghini showroom. Or 400 Golf Rs from VW.

As Chevy says hello to a mid-engined Corvette, Ferrari says ‘ciao’ to its 488, replacing it with the all-new F8 Tributo. Lighter, and with a more driver-focused cockpit, it is one of five new models reportedly on tap by Ferrari for the 2019 calendar year.

Although McLaren’s Speedtail has already been revealed, Geneva will be its first showing at an auto show. If only our infrastructure was a match for its claimed 250 miles-per-hour top speed. With that, we’re almost dune, or – uh – done. Much has been seen and/or written about Volkswagen’s MEB electric-specific platform, and with its I.D. Buggy concept, more ink will follow. Fully capturing the feel (if not the ‘vibe’) of the iconic Meyers Manx, the electrified buggy is just what Thomas Crown would grab when taking a break from the assisted living center.