20 Mar 2023

INCREDIBLE Ferrari Garage Tour!

INCREDIBLE Ferrari Garage Tour!

Today we’re gonna show you a super cool garage. A super car garage. True. Dad, this is Husman Bros. I’m Justin. And I am Aaron and before we go too much further, please subscribe for more content like this garages, cool cars, all of it.

So, where are we today? Today we are James’s Garage. Yes. And James is one of our most subtle and subdued friends. But he has one heck of a collection. Boy, does he? He does. So we’re gonna start out up front with some of the cars here.

Aaron, I’ll let you talk about this one. All right, so let’s start with this McLaren 720S. 720S stands for 720 Metric Horsepower. Don’t ask me, because I have no idea what the difference is between a metric horsepower and a standard horsepower.

But whatever it is, I probably have the wrong one in my hands. But this is a beautiful 720S. The S stands for Shit that’s Fast because it is and I’ll tell you, if you like carbon fiber, you’re going to want to stay tuned to this garage tour, because there is tons of it in this garage.

And it all starts with this McLaren. We’ve got the carbon fiber here on the front end. We’ve got it on the hood scoop. And we’ve got this beautiful headlight housing with a big air intake in it. They’re big, but they also carry through the theme that McLaren has of their logo.

It very much resembles that logo and really carries through that concept through the front end of the car and really brings it all together really nicely. This car is painted in a beautiful color. A lot of people would just call it orange, but it’s not orange.

It is actually called Papaya Spark. And if you catch it in the sunlight, you can see how much it glitters in the sunlight. It is a really, really cool looking color. Very pretty. And so we’ve got the big door here that’s opened up.

Some people might call it a Lamborghini door, some might call it a Gull wing door, but it’s McLaren, so they don’t call it either one of those things. It’s actually called a Dehydral door. I think I got that right.

But if I didn’t pronounce it correctly, I’m sure you’ll correct me in the comments below. I got it, but. A lot of people. Apparently, there’s some controversy about this. And what it really is is a butterfly door.

And so it opens up and it’s really cool. It’s got a hinge up here on the top, another one here on the front end. But we’ve got a really cool cockpit here. Big tub to get in. Sit down here in the cockpit.

We got some great orange accents all throughout the vehicle, all in the interior here. You got carbon fiber on the steering wheel and just a really great look from all of the gauges, of course, set up perfectly.

McLaren has a racing team, so they know how to set up a cockpit, so everything is at your fingertips. And then as we get back up here and we go through the back of the car, we see this massive air vent. Look at that. I mean, my whole arm from top to bottom are fitting in. There a lot more carbon fiber coming back through the entire back of the body. So it pulls that air all the way to the back of the car, keeps that air dynamic going on the back of the car.

You got the exhaust tip sticking out just above the bumper and the raised rear wing here on the back end. So, really just a this car is like a piece of art. It’s just a really great looking car. When you look at it from any angle, it just looks cool.

So just have you got any horsepower over there? I have 788 HP on this white car. So this is a 2022 Ferrari 812 GTS. This is the newest car in the garage here. And this was specked out by James’s wife.

And it’s a beautiful car, as all Ferrars really are. It’s got quilted seats, which I think every Ferrari should have. Quilted seats. This is the highest horsepower, and last, naturally, aspirated Ferrari.

The rest of them are going to be hybrids from here on out, and who knows what else. They’ll us down our throats. But this is a real car. Snarls and growls and burns gas, as they should. Just a beautiful build here.

Very simple. A lot more simple and less look at me than this McLaren. But that makes sense because it is just. Classic in class all the way. Aaron mentioned carbon fiber. And the carbon fiber on this car.

Is subtle, but it’s here, and it’s really one of the things that I like the most. All the badges have subtle carbon fiber. In the background, which just really looks great. My other favorite parts of this car are flat black wheels.

I’m not generally a fan of flat black wheels, but I’m also not a fan of washing wheels, so I assume these can get some brake dust on them and get away with it. And then then finally, this front end on this car is so aggressive and so beautiful, as a Ferrari should be.

It’s a great, great car. And really neat to see it here. Now, understand we also have a black Ferrari. That might be a bit of an oversimplification. Okay. But yes, this one is black, and it is a Ferrari.

But let’s introduce James. You can tell us a little bit more about it. All right, so here we have James here with us today. James, thank you for inviting us over today. So what are we looking at here?

What is this? So this is a 2017 Ferrari F12. It has a front engine V twelve, and this is the very last year of the F12. A couple of neat features. It is also the last vehicle from Ferrari that was designed by Pen and Farina, who they have used as their design company for all of the iconic cars since probably the 1940s.

Absolutely. This particular car were the second owners, and the previous owner, I think, checked every single box that you could check. It was a massive sticker. Some crazy things. Carbon fiber everywhere, all over the place.

Carbon fiber door seals, carbon fiber kind of around all the instruments, the carbon fiber seats. And just in just all over this car, just a crazy sticker. And this is also the very first year that they did a passenger display.

And so it’s over on the other side now. They’ve made them a little bit more advanced, as you’ll see in one of the other cars that we have here. But it was their first shot at that. All right, so this car, were you hunting for this car or was this investment, why this particular car?

So a little bit, a little bit of both. I’ve always enjoyed the, you know, the V12 front engine cars, but this is really only, this was, at the time, only the second one that I’d ever had. This particular one, knowing that it was the last Pin and Farina, it was the last year.

It was the first year of the passenger display. All of the boxes that were checked, I thought that this car might increase in value. And it had literally no miles on it when we bought it. Still doesn’t have just only a handful of miles for the year.

This one, I think, will ultimately be something of a greater value down the road. Was the fact that it had so many options on it part of what drew you to this particular one? Yes, that and the lower mileage, basically, in all the years and all the Ferraris that we’ve owned, and we’ve been very fortunate to have many over the years, they only care about mileage and service records.

And this one checked all those boxes. So you said it had all the options. Maybe some of those options in your eyes might be a little unnecessary, but what would you say is probably one of the silliest options that you found on this car?

I would say the several thousand dollars carbon fiber cup holder is probably a little bit over the top. But again, this particular person checked every box. I mean, that had to shave, what, eight, 9oz out, right?

Well, it’s a beautiful car. I just love the black on, black on. Thank you. Just fantastic car. Yes. And you always love the front end V12s these Ferraris as well. Absolutely, no matter how much steak you have to eat, sometimes a hamburger hits the spot.

And here is the hamburger in this garage. This is James. 1969. Chevell SS. Now this. Is a big block car. It’s got the 396 motor in it. And look at the build on this. This car looks like a simple Chevell.

When you get into the details on this thing, you can really tell the attention that was paid to detail. Because if you look at these beautiful head covers, the polished intake on it, these hinges are just beautiful.

These cars. If the hinges don’t work quite right, you can end up with a kink in the middle of the hood. Now, it’s not just the paint and the chrome and everything else about this car that makes it so beautiful.

The black stripes on silver paint look really great. And then when you get to the interior too many times, these interiors are built for comfort. This one was really put together, not for comfort so much as to look mostly original.

At least that’s my guess on it. Beautiful chrome wheels. Just a really, really nice build on this car. And when you get into those details, you can see the kind of attention that was paid to this car.

We’ve got racing harnesses for seatbelts, just a really great build. And if we look back here how wide those tires are, this thing can put down some rubber if it wants to. Now, if you notice, as we’ve been walking through here, we’ve been walking down the red carpet, which is fitting between these cars that we’re showing you.

But there’s something extra special at the end of the red carpet, and that is this. Here we have a 2017 Indian Chief motorcycle. This is fantastic. A nice touring motorcycle for James and his wife. Big comfy, brown leather seats on here.

I’ve always loved the Indian brand. It’s come, it’s gone, it’s come back. But it’s always been fun to see just for a few simple features. You’ve got the back bender with the skirt on it, which you can’t really see because of these bags.

But anybody who knows Indian Motorcycles knows exactly what I’m talking about. So that’s always been very cool to me. I’ve always liked the look of the heads on the Indians. So those are fantastic. It’s a great looking engine.

Of course, the logo is really, really cool, but what’s great is how they pull the logo onto the front of the motorcycle. And the Indian chief head on the front fender of the motorcycle always has been a really cool look to me, and especially since they’ve added the light to it.

So when you turn it on, the Indian head lights up as well. So really cool bike, of course. Tons of chrome, just like it should be. All right, so now we are in the middle of the garage. We’ve seen a bunch of vehicles already. We’re not quite done with vehicles, but let’s go and just check out some of the features of the garage as we keep moving our way through here.

So all garages need a place to hang out and look at your cars. We have one in our garage. Everybody has one. And this is James’s little hangout spot. He’s got one upstairs, too, that we’ll look at. But this one I like quite a bit because it’s got a great color scheme, red and black.

It’s Ferrari themed, as is the garage, for all intents and purposes. But it’s really a nice set up down here. Great TV to watch the game. Now, this is the part that really drew my eye. We’ve seen all of the garages have bars in them.

I don’t think we’ve seen one except the empty one that doesn’t. Now, some people might call me an alcoholic. I call myself a whiskey collector, and I think James is a bit of a whiskey collector as well.

This is a really great setup. Now we’re going to try something a little different in this video because you guys asked for it. And we’re going to sit down and talk to James a little bit about his garage, his collection, and just kind of who he is.

All right, so here we are with James. James, again, thank you so much for letting us come out today and check out your amazing collection. Sure. So does your collection have a theme? Is there a goal?

No, not really. We just buy and maybe collect, I guess, for lack of a better way to put it. What we like, what we enjoy. Okay, so not really a theme behind it. You weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, if I understand correctly.

No, that’s correct. How did you get here? Well, I grew up. In, in a rural part of the, of Texas. And my, you know, my, my parents got a divorce when I was 13. I have two younger brothers. My mom worked three jobs so that we could play sports.

And basically, you know, I learned from that experience and didn’t want to be poor, so I went to school and just worked and then continued to do a little better and a little better, and ultimately was very blessed with what we have today.

Blessed is an understatement, I think. So is there some advice that you would give to our listeners, to a lot of them would like to be here. Is there something that you can tell them to help them get here?

I guess what I would say is be yourself, do what you say. If you, if you make a commitment, honor that commitment, you know, at all cost, and protect your reputation. I think that’s excellent advice.

So let’s talk cars again. Sure. What was your first special car? First special car? We stumbled across a gentleman who had a car he thought we’d be interested in. We went and took a look at it. He raised the garage door, and it was a 1963 Bentley S3, which is for most people, they’ll know the sister of that car, which is the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

And so that’s really, I think, what started all this for us. Okay. Is there a car that you’ve had that you regret letting get away? Yes, probably. So one car that comes to mind would be another Ferrari, and it was a 2007 Ferrari 599, which was the front engine V Twelve car.

And sold it and sold it early. Again, I never buy them for an investment, but sold it early. And then of. Course, the prices went through the roof, as you could expect, but that was one that I wish I still had, because then it would give me the progression of the three most recent front engine v twelve cars and that’s kind of a cool thing. That would be a pretty cool thing to have.

So we always ask this question, do you have a favorite car? I do. Okay, I’m going to have you show Aaron what that favorite car is. Thank you for sitting down with me. Yeah, of course. Again, thank you so much for showing everyone this incredible, incredible spot. Thanks so much again for your time. But I’ll let you talk to Aaron about your course.

Thanks, James. Happy to do it. Before James shows Aaron his favorite car, we’re going to talk about his wife’s favorite car. So this is a 1957 356 speedster replica built by vintage Classics.

This is a gorgeous car and a very nice build. I got to say that most of you would have a really hard time telling the difference between this and an actual 356 at a fraction of the cost. That’s good.

But here’s the key to why they’re different. If you see a car like this with the handbrake in the middle, it is for sure a replica. The true handbrake on a speedster is underneath the dash. Part of the reason that she loves this car is because of Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun.

We all love cars, and most of our appreciation of cars comes from movies. We want to feel like somebody. We want to look like somebody. And this car makes her feel like Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t want that.

Now James is going to go talk to Aaron about his favorite car. Okay, so if you were watching The Interview and you’ve been watching any of this video, you know we’re going to find out about James’s favorite car.

And I’m just looking around, checking out the odds. I’m going to guess your favorite car is probably a Ferrari. It is. Which one? This one. Go figure. So why this one? What do we have here, James? This is a 2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo, and it’s my favorite because.

This is of all the cars that we’ve owned, all the Ferraris that we’ve owned over the years, this is the first one that we were ever able to buy and spec out 100%, you know, brand new from the dealer, where we where we received an allotment to do so.

And and so this one’s special to us just because we got to do this and build it together. So you got the car you actually went to look for instead of next. To it for a change, for once, yes. And got to pick everything.

For instance, most people know a red Ferrari. This is not your traditional Roso Crsa, which is the typical 90% of the red Ferraris. This is a Roso Scooteria, which is a little bit more orange intent.

And it’s the original racing color for Ferrari. Yeah, I love the black seats with the red accents on here. Yeah. The Daytona. Daytona seats. And those, again, are things that we thought were appropriate for this car.

And I think it turned out well. You know what I like what you’ve done with the cars that you expect out, is you’ve really maintained the consistency of the colors. This car does not need an accent piece to it.

It is an accent piece, but you’ve got it all black and red all the way through. All you’ve got on this car is black, red, silver, and, of course, your Ferrari yellow. Sure. All right. Well, James, why don’t you tell me about this grocery getter up here?

Okay, so this is the Rolls Royce Wraith and just an iconic car, obviously something that we actually drive this car, take it to dinner and so this one actually gets used. Some really neat features, I think about it.

The paint, I think, is beautiful. It’s called midnight sapphire and just the obviously very well made cars and a lot of kind of some neat features about this and so, Aaron, I’ll get you to do me the favor of sitting in the car, and I’ll show you a couple of those features.

I don’t mind if I do. Okay. OOH feels so luxurious. So if you look up wow. You’re gonna see the midnight sky, what Rolls Royce calls Starlight. Wow. And so it is a constellation of different stars. Now, are there actual constellations in here?

I think with Rollsroyce, you’re basically limited by imagination and money. So if you’re interested in I’m a Leo. So if I wanted to have a Leo, I think that they’ll do that for you if you want them to do so.

Yeah. And then, of course, a couple of things that are kind of neat. If you push this button right here, we’ve got our umbrellas, Royce umbrella. Not a small umbrella. You don’t need a little pint size umbrella.

This is a full sized umbrella. So that way you have the ability to protect yourself from the inclement weather. And then kind of one other neat feature, if you just make sure your legs are in the car, but there is a button that says door.

And if you hold that button down, it’s going to show you something. So why should you have to shut your own door when it can be done for you at the touch of a button? But of course. So, James. Yes. I’ve been hiding around your car to ask questions.

Sure. What is this camera? A camera. So it’s got side cameras? It has cameras everywhere. Everywhere. Does it have a screen in it where you can see where it is relative from the top? It does. It does.

Okay. That’s very cool. Yes, it does. I also understand that Rolls Royces have floating hubcaps. They do. They do. This car has them? Yes. I want to point this out to you guys. I know that every one knows Rolls Royce have floating hubcaps, but I can’t move that.

That’s not movable. So it’s not like an old school spinner that you can spin with your hands. It only works when the car is in motion. Right. So, James, you’re not too much older than I am. I know we both have the memory of when it was hip to steal the hood ornaments off of cars, to wear them as a necklace.

In fact, I remember my father bought his first fancy car, a Cadillac. Yes. He was very mad when he came. When mom came home one day and it was missing. Yes, sir. Way to protect yourself against it. With this car there is.

You just had the remote. Do you have to be around to make that happen? No. If someone attempts to steal the ornament and breaks it over, it’ll immediately go down in the hood as well. Does it move quicker than that when it happens?

Yes, it does. Have you looked into what it costs to fix it when someone no, someone does that? I’d be curious. No, but there are ornaments on ebay from time to time in the couple of $1,000 range, and so that would not include any labor or whatever.

Very good. Well, thanks again, James. You’re welcome. Now let’s transition to the upstairs. Aaron’s going to take us up there and show us what’s going on upstairs. All right. So, of course, these garages are very much man caves.

And what good is a man cave if it doesn’t have a poker table in it? So James has his great poker table over here, and of course, you’re not going to have anything in this garage if it’s not carbon fiber.

So he’s got his carbon fiber box here with the poker chips and just it’s the little touches that count. The dealer buttons are Ferrari center caps that James has got over here. So cool looking poker table that he’s got for all the poker tournaments he’s going to have.

Now we’ll move upstairs here. We got great finish out here. Nice dark hardwood steps going upstairs. All right. As we come upstairs, we come right into the bathroom here. And I got to say, this is probably nicer than bathrooms in most people’s houses here.

Beautifully done in here. And look at that amazing shower. Huge shower, fantastic marble on the walls. Like I said, probably a lot nicer. I know it’s a lot nicer in my house, and maybe it’s a lot nicer than yours, too.

This bathroom is very well done. We got the pocket door. Really. This is I guess a barn door is really what you would call it from the design community, but nice little closet there. Store some of your stuff so you can work on the cars a little bit and have something to change into.

Take the Rolls out to dinner. And of course, if everything gets a little dirty, you got your laundry over here, too. These garages, you’ve got to make use of your space almost like a motor home where you’ve got to really take advantage of every square inch that you’ve got.

You don’t want to waste too much space. But really nice bathroom here. Herringbone tile on the ground. Very well done. And then the art in this garage is fantastic. This is a beautiful piece right here.

Obviously over the dash of a Rolls Royce. Looks to be a European Rolls Royce where it drives on the right hand side. But a really cool piece here. Very nice painting. And this looks to be done by LR Daniels.

All right, so that was a super cool bathroom. I want to show you the living area. Now, as we move over here, I want you to pay attention to the theme. James’s favorite color is purple, and so you’re going to see that throughout.

Let’s count how many purple things you can find here. So we got a nice little sitting area, a couple of chairs. Nice little area to sit down and have a drink and relax. Over here we’ve got the living area and the couch.

You can see there’s a theme here. You see the tag on the couch. Made in Italy. It’s Italian leather couch. It’s very nice. But it’s not just a couch because in a space like this, you have to be very space efficient.

So this couch folds all the way out. And it’s a full size gel bed. Very nice. You’re not always sleeping. Sometimes you’re sitting here, you’re watching some F1, and maybe you just want to have something to eat so you can pull the coffee table up.

And you got yourself a little sitting area. You don’t need to bring some bulky TV trays up here so you can just set that back down as is. Much the style of these days. A nice open concept upstairs here.

So we go right from the living room and transition into the kitchen area. And so we’ve got all of our appliances, a nice, cool, big fridge. We got our espresso machine, convection oven in the microwave, so you can get a lot of stuff down here.

But what’s really nice. Is here. We’ve got another induction stovetop here, and we’ve seen these in a couple of garages, but they are really helpful because you can be up here and make some things to eat for your guests while you’re here watching some F1.

But the induction cooktop is a great use of this space because you don’t want to have an open flame in here, certainly. And even having just heat here from an electric stovetop wouldn’t be as idea deal.

You don’t want to be the guy who burned down the row of garages and ruined everybody’s cars. So an induction cooktop is a very smart choice for up here. And then it’s set into this cabinet. Great stone countertop here.

But this is something you don’t see very often. We’ve got purple cabinets here, top and bottom. Most of the time in these garages, you see black, you see gray, something along those lines, something neutral.

But James loves purple, so he wanted purple cabinets. And what’s a great touch is the backsplash. The tile on the walls here has this purple tint to it, and it really brings it together very nicely. Now, another thing that is unique about this unit is that it’s got windows.

The garages that we’ve seen so far haven’t had any windows. And the reason is this is a two part garage. Originally, it was sold as one garage on the front side and one garage on the backside. But James got both of the garages, tore down the wall in between him and made a pass through a garage.

Well, the garages on this side do not have a mezzanine, so the front garage is the only one with the mezzanine. So that’s why we’ve got windows up here. And you’ve got to use all of this space. There’s no way to look down on the cars from this side.

So this is a little bit unique about this one. Most of them don’t have these windows, which is nice. Right now, they’re covered because I’m sure during the afternoon, there’s a lot of sunlight that comes in here blinding.

But it is nice to be able to see the outside when you’re up here. All right, so we’ll head back downstairs. But I always like to stop before I go downstairs. Stairs. And look down onto the garage. Because it’s a really cool view.

You get to look down, you see the tops of the cars. Most people don’t see the tops of cars very often. So this is a different vantage point that you’ve got. And especially when I know I can speak for myself, having a garage, there’s something really cool about standing on the mezzanine level of the garage, looking down on your cars and really thinking about how awesome it is to be able to have a cool space like this to store all of your toys.

I doubt I’m alone as a garage owner in that. And I’m sure james would say the same thing. Let’s go find Justin and see what him and James are up to. So how was he upstairs, man, it’s awesome up there.

Really great finish out upstairs. Did a great job with the living area. Well, I mean, these people seem to have great taste, so I’m not incredibly surprised. And you know what he’s got up there? What’s that?

Windows. We don’t have any windows. We don’t have any windows. We got like four windows on the garage. We have to work harder. Yeah, more windows. So last thing I want to talk about, we always talk about the art in the garages.

And james has some great art in here. So these are painted by an artist named Kelly Harad. So Kelly is someone who I haven’t met personally, but I’ve met her husband. Remember we went to buy our Lamborghini a couple of years ago.

I don’t remember getting a we didn’t. Buy it, but we shopped. Okay. Right. So we went to go look at Lamborghinis. At Lamborghini Dallas and the person that worked with his name was John Harat. John is now the sales director of Pagani Dallas.

And his beautiful wife painted these paintings. These are amazing. They’re really great. And I want to make sure that we get in close to them. And see the texture. Because while they are paintings, they’re very in your face and 3D.

I’m not going to pretend like I know a lot about art, but here is something that I think I know about art. What’s that? If it has texture, it’s probably expensive. That would be the guess. So this has been a great garage.

Thank you guys for joining us. Really, this has been pretty neat. So, yeah, james is very gracious. He’s always got his door open, willing to show everybody his cars, welcome them into his garage, and have him poke around.

So we really appreciate him letting us up. Come. Yeah, he stays in the pay it forward mindset. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe. Tell your friends about us. Tell everybody about us. Knock on your neighbor’s door, let them know, hey, these guys on Husman Bros.

They’re awesome. We’d love it. Make sure you comments down below and let us know what you liked about this garage and what more you want to know. But come back and see us next time.