20 Mar 2023

SUPER RARE TVR at Garages and Gearheads at Cars and Coffee Meet in Dallas

SUPER RARE TVR at Garages and Gearheads at Cars and Coffee Meet in Dallas!

Garages and Gearheads car show today. I’m Justin and I am Aaron. This is Husman Bros, and we are here at Garages of America in Carrollton. Where are Texas? It’s not texas anymore. They’re expanding.

So look for more videos all over the United States. But we’re here at Garages of America at the Garages and Gearheads monthly car show and there are some amazing things here today. Yeah, coffee. donuts.

I talk about cars. Oh, yeah, the cars, too. Yeah. So we’ve got what? A really rare air English car? TVR. Yeah. TVR. We got the Carrera GT. Carrera GT. Beautiful. Tesserosa out here. We’ve got some incredible cars.

The Old Bronco Club is out here. We have some great Jaguars. There’s an XK 150 out here today. Amazing cars out here. If you’re in Texas, come to Carrollton, first day of the month. Check this thing out.

Yeah. Let’s show you around a little bit and show you what we have to offer here. One of the things I love about this car show are the great things that show up to it and this is one of my favorites in quite some time.

This is a 1997 TVR, there are maybe a dozen of these in the United States. They’ve just gotten old enough to start importing. Most of people my age know this car from Grand Tourismo, which is where I know it from.

I was never very good at driving it, but it’s just so exciting to see one. This is an English car, 300 and something horsepower. There’s less than a dozen of these in the United States right now, and it’s super cool to see this out here at the car show I put on.

I love this car because it looks like my car. My XK had sex with a Viper, and this is what came out. This is such a neat car to see here in person. I love this car. And this car is fast. This car only weighs 2400 pounds.

When Top Gear reviewed this car, they raced a Lamborghini, a 911 Turbo, and this car ate them up. At 2400 pounds and 300 plus horsepower, this thing is a little rocket. This was one of the fastest accelerated production cars in the early 90s. Acceleration? Zero 60 about four seconds.

All right, what we have here is a Porsche Carrera GT. This is an amazing car. Love this yellow color. You don’t see them like that, but it’s loud. And it should be because this is one of the best sounding cars.

Right up there with the Lexus LFA. This car is a naturally aspirated V10. It’s a manual and this car is super rare. You don’t see them very often. They sold for about $400,000, brand new. But recently, a couple of them went on bring a trailer for over $1.2 million.

So that’s an amazing car. If you see one, make sure you check it out. And if you got $1.2 million laying around, pick one up. Everything from classics to shipboxes at this show. It was a hell of a turnout today.

It was a big turnout today. This was one of the best we’ve had thus far. I think this thing ends at eleven. Rolling in. No, it’s 11:00 now and people are still coming in. Oh, I got to go. Normally, it’s a ghost town by now, but, wow, what a show this was today.

What an amazing, amazing turnout. Classic Jags. Porsche’s Galore, as they always are. Modern American muscle. Classic American muscle. Amazing. It is tough to really pick a favorite from today’s show.

It is for me. Easy hands down that TVR. I’d raced that. The only video game I’ve really ever played was grand Tourismo, and the TVR was my favorite. You ripped the TVR in Grand Tourismo? Hell yeah. That was the only thing I did for my 20s, basically.

So thanks for watching, guys. Subscribe for more of this, come back and see us next time.