20 Mar 2023

The 17th Ferrari Ever Made – Garages and Gearheads

The 17th Ferrari Ever Made – Garages and Gearheads

We’re here at the Garages and Gearheads meet at Carrollton at Garages of Texas. I’m Justin and I’m Aaron and this is Husman Bros. And before we go too much further, please subscribe for more great content like this.

What an amazing day. What an amazing group of cars today. Amazing turnout today. We got beautiful weather and a ton of amazing cars. Starting with this beautiful Carrera GT. Back again. Not the coolest car here today.

Not even close. Let’s go check out what else is here. 

Up front., we’ve got the best cars because the best cars park up front, and this is no exception. We’ve got this beautiful Hurricane ST0. This paint job is something I’ve never seen before. This is called Neuro Nemesis paint and if you if you dig into it, I’m not sure how well it’s going to show up on the camera, but it’s got beautiful red flake all over it. I mean, I just I keep staring at this car because it’s gorgeous carbon fiber all over the place. I love the big air intake. Just so mean. Man, I love this car. It’s got everything. It’s got carbon fiber all over it.

This whole front end comes up. It’s just one part that comes up, and the front clip comes over. It’s just an amazing Lamborghini example. The paint on this car is a $24,000 option. Now, this isn’t the only amazing Italian car we’ve got here today.

Let’s go see something. A little bit older. Some of you longtime fans may remember that we actually have a 944. Not one like this. Not one like this. This is actually a turbo, so it’s a 951.

But this one is safari out. And I just love this car. I tried to convince Aaron to safari ours, but he kept lobbying for track, so I guess track it is. You might have him more convinced now. Love this car.

Got the front bar on it. We got the yakima rack up here, but this interior is where it’s at. Look at this red leather. You got the Weissock plaid look in the inserts. Someone will correct us on that.

It might not be Weissock plaid. Like Wysock style. Who knows? Either way, awesome, awesome car. This is such a great day today. Now let’s go check out the Ferrari. So this is the car that brought everybody out today.

This is a 1949 Ferrari. This is Ferrari number 17. There’s a pretty good chance that Enzo actually breathe on this. Absolutely. I’ve seen a lot of amazing cars, but this has to top the whole list because this is just such an amazing example. It’s a beautiful car. This is a V12. Now, its pistons are probably about this big around, but it’s still a V12 Ferrari. Super cool. Let’s go inside and check it out.

So this is a very special car. You rarely see these things. This is all hand built. As I said, Enzo himself probably touched this car. The body work on this is just spectacular. The way this worked back in the day is you would buy the chassis and then take it to your preferred body man, to build your body and this guy did a great job. I can’t imagine the hours it took pounded flat metal into these angles. Just a beautiful, beautiful piece of machinery. So this car has these wire wheels on it, and these are called knockoffs.

If you’re not familiar with what these are, the entire spare tire kit is just a hammer. You knock off the ears there and away you go. Wire wheels are awful to keep clean, but I don’t think you drive this one enough to really get them dirty.

We come around here and you can see just how small this car is. I can absolutely put my hands all the way around it. What a beautiful, beautiful piece of machinery. Like Justin was saying, you buy the chassis and then you take it to your coach builder.

And this car was actually built by the finest of coach builders of its day, Touring of Milan. And this is the very first Superlagera built by Touring of Milan. Now, if you don’t know Super Legera means super light in English and this is super light. It’s all aluminum body and the windows are even plastic to save weight. Now, if you know Ferraris, you know what to look for. The prancing horse on the side. But there’s no prancing horse on the side because the prancing horse was reserved exclusively for the race Ferraris and this is a touring Ferrari. And so, of course, if you’re going to have a beautiful Ferrari like this, you need to have it in a beautiful place for it to sleep at night. And what better than when in Rome.

Look, Roman. Look at all this Italian drip all over the place. We got the green, the white, the red, and of course, of a great Italian flags. Great garage, finish out, great car, great setup all around.

We are going to wrap it. Up here at Rob’s garage. Because I, as a reform motorcyclist, I love these Triumphs that are parked out here. These are all custom Triumphs. Amazing. Used to have a Triumph. I did used to have a Triumph.

It was not nearly as cool as this. I might make an argument with you, but I think I will buy in. I love the old school. Look at these things. These are modern bikes. This is a 2022. But you can see it’s got the chain drive on it just so raw, so cool.

So what was your favorite car out here today? I mean, if we’re not going to say the Ferrari, the 1949 Ferrari, then I got to go with the beautiful white on white drop top Rolls. Just such a cool car.

I would love to just be cruising that car on a beautiful day like today. Yeah, mine, I don’t know if we got video, but there was a out here in white with the blue stripes. One of my favorite cars. Of all time.

Really great to see. If you’re out in Dallas on the first Saturday of the month, I want you to join us. Come on out to Carrollton, please. Come on, it’s a lot of fun. Absolutely. Come back and see us next time.